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How to Make Your Own Bathroom Rug
29.06.2016 18:15

You will probably find it exciting to learn the steps in making your own rug or mat for shower and wet rooms, particularly if you're the type of person who enjoys spending their spare time doing DIY crafts. The materials that you need for this DIY project are some good old fabrics, used clothes, a pair of scissors and gridded matting or a latch rug canvas. Check to make sure that the cloth that you'll be using is made of a moisture resistant fabric.

Cut the fabric into strips of around 10 centimeter long and 1 centimeter wide. After cutting the material, tie each strip along the gridded matting. Carefully insert a strip one at a time into the squares and then tie them properly. You can play with different colors and create your very own design. Come up with a pattern that you want, including lines, rings or just a mixture of various patterns.

Even the simplest wet rooms can look fantastic with the right decors, like adding a multicolored rug or a shower curtain with embellishments. There are many other things that you can do, such as having a heating system installed in your shower room. What's important is to have this installed only be an experienced heating engineer.

 Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor bathroom heating mats make use of low temperature level electric heating elements that are installed under the bathroom floor. It's a tool that gives you a comfortable, warm floor without spending lots of money, and without using radiators.

Compared to a wet heating system, an underheating mat is much easier to install. However, it's really important to double check that the size of the mat is just perfect for your bathroom. Use this in any type of floorings, including floor tiles, carpet and rugs, and wood floors or floating wood tiles. Nevertheless, it has been discovered that electrical underfloor heating works best below solid floors, like brick or concrete floors. To make sure that this is properly installed, it is recommended to have this done by an experienced heating engineer. If you're still not confident enough to pick which underfloor heating systems to use, it is far better to consult a professional .

Smart Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Taking care of your wet room everyday, or as often as you can, is the key to keeping it clean. It helps to simply do small things each day, such as wiping the sink or the floor, and making sure that your bathroom items are arranged, if you find it difficult to find enough time to clean the entire bathroom.

In cleaning your sink, walls, floor and toilet, using an antibacterial cleaning solution is very important. Start off by scrubbing from the top to the bottom. You can use a cloth or sponge to spread the disinfectant. Use a glass cleaner to clean your mirror, windows and any other glass parts in your wet room.

Some modern bathrooms are created to make cleaning a lot easier. If you're thinking about having a new wet room installed in your house, it is a good option to ask a wet room installation professional to have it done in a way that is easy to clean.


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