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Tips on How to Clean Your Bathroom Tile
16.05.2016 22:28

Most professional bathroom fitters ensure that throughout a wet room installation, the bathroom tiles are properly done. Using tiles that are easy to clean and maintain is a bonus.

Using a cleaning solution with bleach can help keep your tiles and grout clean. There are lots of different types of commercial tile and grout cleaning products that can be purchased in the market. You could make your own cleaning solution just by simply mixing baking soda and vinegar with warm water. It's important to keep in mind that if you're using ammonia, you shouldn't be cleaning your bathroom tiles with other cleaning agents that contain bleach.

Use the cleaning solution on your bathroom tile, and just simply let it stay there for a few minutes to set. This can help remove the stains and grime, and make it much easier to scrub them away. Scrub the tiles using a hard-bristled brush. Wash off using clean water, and then dry your tiles with a damp fabric.

Ways to Install a Mosaic Wall Tile In Your Bathroom

Is this the first time for you to install mosaic tiles in your wet room ? If you're new to this, it can be very useful to find an expert home builder to guide you all throughout the entire process. However, if you really want to do it on your own, having a simple guide can be very helpful. It is also enjoyable and useful to try to find images of shower rooms with mosaic tiles.

Some of the items that you'll be using include the following: a mortar for ceramic and glass tile, grout, and the mosaic glass tiles. To guarantee that you have the proper consistency of the grout and mortar, get the pre-mixed ones. Other than these , it is important to prepare the tools also. You will need a trowel, tiling shears, buckets and a damp cloth.

There are two methods for putting on the mortar when you are installing the mosaic tiles. You can choose to apply it to the wall or on the back of the tiles. Be sure that your tile sheets are cut to fit your shower room wall. Press on all the sides and corners to see to it that the tiles are installed properly. As soon as you're done, put on the grout , and make sure that your shower room is clean.

What Are The Perks Of Having Your Own Wet Room At Home?

There are lots of benefits of having your very own wet room at home In today's modern and hectic lifestyle, the idea of being able to walk right into the shower at the end of a long and busy day is getting popular. And also, it has this contemporary look or an overall minimalist appearance that is considered as the most up to date style in bathroom designs.

There are lots of different reasons why many people choose to have wet rooms in their homes. One of the advantages of setting up a wet room is that it's generally easier to clean, as there is no tub or shower trays to worry about. 

Installing a wet room can make a small space look bigger. Having an open area by removing the tub, shower enclosure and trays can make a small bathroom look spacious.

Wet rooms provide easy access for those who have mobility problems. You can choose to have secure rails fitted around the area, and have a clear floor area. This can help prevent accidents, as there's no longer a need to step up into a shower cubicle or climb into and out of a tub.

Do You Want To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger? 

Do you wish you had more space for your bathroom? If you don't have more space in your home for a bigger bathroom, then it can be a good idea to get creative and look for solutions to make it look bigger. There are methods that can help create a sense of space in your bathroom, making it appear larger than it is.

Choosing the appropriate paint color can help make your washroom look roomier. Light colors, including gray, pastels, and other soft colors can make the washroom look better and larger. To help enhance the brightness in your bathroom it is advisable to use added lighting. Adding higher wattage bulbs or making use of natural lighting could make the room look even bigger.

Putting up big mirrors on your bathroom walls is one of the most effective ways to give small bathrooms the look of bigger bathrooms. The incoming light that is reflected on the mirror can add brightness to the bathroom , making it look larger.


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