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Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger
22.06.2016 21:23

If you wish to have a much bigger bathroom, but you don't have any extra space in your house, then it may be a good plan to simply make it look larger. There are ways that can help create a sense of space in your bathroom, making it start to look larger than it is.

One thing that can help create a sense of space to your bathroom is the paint color. Lighter shades, like pale yellow, pastel, and other soft colors can make the restroom appear better and larger. Another way of increasing the brightness in your bathroom is to have more lights. Adding higher wattage bulbs or using natural light could make the space seem even bigger.

Hanging large mirrors on your bathroom walls is one of the very best methods to give small shower and wet rooms the appearance of larger bathrooms. Mirrors reflect incoming light back in the room, adding brightness to the bathroom , making it look bigger.

How to Tile a Bathroom Wall With Mosaic Tiles

If this is your first time to install mosaic tiles in a bathroom wall, then it is so important to ask help from qualified bathroom fitters. But, if you choose to do it on your own, it's advisable to have a step-by-step guide that you can follow. It's also interesting and useful to look for photos of wet rooms with mosaic tiles.

Some of the things you have to prepare include mosaic glass tiles, mortar for both the ceramic and glass tile and grout. Buying the pre-mixed mortar and grout is one of the best things you can do to make sure that you will have the perfect consistency that you need. Other than these materials, make sure you prepare the tools too. You will need a trowel, tiling shears, containers and a damp cloth.

When installing the mosaic tiles, you can use the mortar on your bathroom wall or on the back of the tiles. Make sure that your tile sheets are cut to fit your shower room wall. In order to properly secure the tiles, press on all the sides and corners. As soon as this step is achieved, spread the grout , and see to it that your shower room is clean.


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